Grounded Art NZ

NZ Garden Art and Sculpture - by Brendon & Jane Harley               Nelson, NZ

We have the following 6 current designs available in our "Rise & Shine" & "Swivel & Shine" ranges which we offer in Shiny Aluminium & in our "Rusty Affair" range made from Corten Steel .......
If you are after some thing big and beautiful then we have our larger 3D Corten sculptures in sizes ranging from 600mm -1800mm, Nikau Wall Art, Nikau Panels, Leaf Screens, Bulrushes & Seedpods 

You can now shop online for all your Garden Art & Sculpture inspiration on our SHOP NOW page 
garden art nelson nz
fish hook
wall art nikau metal rust
rusty 3D sculpture
rusty sculpture
garden screen
wall art nikau metal rust
corten large sculpture
garden screen
wire art nelson nz
 Corten garden
rusty bulrushes
Nikau Wall Art 
(available in
Corten & Aluminium)
Corten leaf screens & Nikau panels
  rusty seedpods       
 large 3D Corten sculptures